Kids Code Mississippi Exhibits at First Mississippi Light Festival STEAM Lab

Kids Code Mississippi enjoyed a unique opportunity to demonstrating “coding with light” at the inaugural Mississippi Light Festival, held in downtown Jackson on February 24th.

Hundreds of children and adults packed the Mississippi Arts Pavilion to see demonstrations of 3D printing, lighted drones and other projects. Kids Code Mississippi’s booth featured two Raspberry Pi stations and a Microbit. The first featured a Scratch-controlled spiral LED PiGlow HAT and the second, a Python controlled Unicorn 8×8 LED matrix HAT. At the last station, visitors could learn to program a Microbit, learn binary with an interactive “binary bulbs” exercise or create colors by mixing difference combinations of red, green and blue LED light. 

The Light Festival featured light pieces including collaborations from Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Osaka (Japan) & Brighton (United Kingdom), a high-tech light lounge of interactive furniture, Origami light sculpture, a drone performance, projection mapping and a silent disco.  


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