New Book: Coding Concepts for Kids

Kids Code Mississippi Co-Founder Announces New Coding Book for Kids

New book by Randy Lynn teaches foundational coding concepts that can be learned without a computer.

Coding Concepts for Kids Teaches Young Learners How to Think Like a Coder

Kids Code Mississippi co-founder, Randy Lynn, has written a new book to teach young students the basic concepts of coding through 45 skill-building games and activities.

Coding Concepts for Kids: Learn to Code Without a Computer (Rockridge Press, 2020) is different from most other coding books for young learners because all of the lessons are “unplugged” – without a computer. “Kids learn in a variety of different ways,” said Lynn. “When it comes to coding, it’s often helpful for that learning to take place away from the computer, without all distractions that come with online learning.”  

The book explores key concepts from loops, to variables, to debugging. Each chapter begins with a cartoon strip about the topic and then ends with a challenge that prompts readers to come up with their own related activities.

“It was really important to me to keep the activities focused on fun and creativity,” said Lynn. “There are a lot of coding books that teach kids how to write a program, step-by-step. That can be a good way to learn, but this book takes a different approach that’s more about, first, understanding the concepts and then using your imagination to create your own games and activities.”

Coding Concepts for Kids: Learn to Code Without a Computer is available now at and other book retailers.





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