Raise Your Hand for Computer Science

Raise Your Hand for Computer Science

Kids Code Mississippi releases new survey initiative to promote computer science education.

Let your school know you want CS!

When students, parents and teachers show interest in computer science (CS), schools are more likely to dedicate the time and resources to offer it.

To make it easier for you to show your support, Kids Code Mississippi has developed a survey where you can give your thoughts about starting or expanding CS courses at your school. 

If enough people at your school respond, we will reach out and share the collected survey information. So be sure to forward a link to this page to anyone you think might be interested – students, parents, teachers or other community members – and share it on social media, too. 

Our Commitment

  • If 25 people at your school respond, we will reach out to your school.
  • If 50 people respond, we will reach out to your school district.
  • If 75 people respond, we will share the story with your local news media.

Take The Survey

    Your name

    Your email address

    Your school district

    Your school (2018-2019 school year)

    I am a:

    Does your school currently offer opportunities to learn computer science?


    How interested would you be in taking a computer science class at your school?

    Why are you interested (if applicable)?

    Is there a particular CS course or topic that especially interests you?

    Do you give us your permission to share your response with your school or district?


    Please check the box below to let us know you're a real person.


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