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Infosys Foundation USA Crossroads 2017 Conference: Notes and Impressions

The  Crossroads 2017 conference presented by Infosys Foundation USA was held May 23-25, 2017 in San Francisco. Kids Code Mississippi co-founder, Randy Lynn, was among three attendees from Mississippi at the conference. In this blog series, Randy relates his impressions of the conference as a first-time attendee:   Now in its third year, the Infosys Foundation USA Crossroads...
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Infosys Foundation USA Crossroads 2017: “Creating A Flourishing Maker Ecosystem” (Part 5)

My fourth session of the day began with the premier of a short video from the Infosys Foundation USA’s #WhyIMake series featuring Nick Offerman of NBC’s Parks and Recreation talking about his woodworking hobby. The session was moderated by Dorothy Jones Davis, the executive director of Nation of Makers with panelists Mark Hatch, a pioneer...
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