Infosys Foundation USA Crossroads 2017: “What’s Next? Future Steps in the CS Education Movement” (Part 6)

We broke for a quick lunch following session four and were joined at the table by Vandana Sikka, chairperson for Infosys Foundation USA and Code.org founder Hadi Partovi. It was so exciting to meet one of the visionaries behind the Crossroads conference and, on top of that, one of my personal heroes whose organization has...
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Create a Lightning Animation in Scratch

Have you ever thought it would be really cool to control the weather? Well, now you can! We’ve put together a tutorial to show you how to simulate lightning strikes in Scratch. You can click the thumbnail image below to try out this program on the Scratch website. Be sure to use Turbo Mode and...
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Three New Scratch Tutorials

Here are three new lessons – a computer generated art program, an animation tutorial and a maze game with enemies – that you can download in one PDF. You can click the thumbnail images below to try out each program on the Scratch website. Download: Three Scratch Tuts (1.2 MB PDF )
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Scratch: Shark Animation Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to animate a cartoon shark using Scratch, a popular coding platform designed for kids. You’ll learn how to move the shark back forth, animate using sprites and costumes, and create your own “chomp” sound effect. https://vimeo.com/110734721
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